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The Sounds of Macarthur

100.3 broadcasts across the entire Macarthur region, with its signal extending to parts of the Sydney Metropolitan region, Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands.

The signal can reach up to two million people and the Majority of our listeners are the 35+ audience and also families and listeners around Australia and the world who listen into the station on our web stream.

Sponsoring community radio is just like advertising on a commercial station...
only cheaper!

Here is why...

100.3 gives you the freedom to target your message to the fast growing Macarthur region with our flexible sponsorship packages. We give you an unique set of benefits that no other local media outlet can match:

  • Smaller advertising cost  - 
    Start a campaign on 100.3 for a lot less than an average letterbox drop or newspaper ad.

  • Simple Pricing  - 
    Easy to understand and affordable for any business.

  • A wider range of Music/info formats  -
    Music and information programming that covers different genres of music that targets the listeners that would buy your products.

  • Multilingual Programming  - 
    Reach local communities in their own language.

  • An uncluttered environment, ensure your message gets maximum impact -
    No more than 5 minutes of sponsorship announcements each hour

  • Reach local Macarthur community -
     Eighteen hours of quality live and local programming each day.

  • A vital community service  - 
    Be associated with one of largest active volunteer groups in the region.

  • Contact our Sponsorship manager at sponsorship@2mcr.org.au

Sponsorship Conditions

We require all sponsorships to be suitable broadcast quality and meet community standards for the timeslots that are aired within. All sponsorship announcements must include a statement that they are station sponsor. Additionally, sponsorship is not used as a factor determining access to broadcasting time. It can not be used to influence the content and style of individual programs or the overall programming on the station. You are also responsible to ensure that your sponsorship announcements meet any additional legal obligations that apply to your products and services.