Wollondilly Council wants to turn boring verge into green community garden

Wollondilly mayor Matthew Deeth wants to investigate the idea of verge gardens in the shire.

Cr Deeth raised the idea at this week’s council meeting.

“This has been done in a few suburbs around Sydney and it has helped to build a real sense of community and improve the overall look of the street,” Cr Deeth said.

“It’s also a great natural habitat for bees which our farmers need to continue growing their crops.

“I think verge gardens provide an exciting opportunity to bring people together.

“I often look at my verge and think it would be great to plant some fresh herbs so that the people of Menangle village can come and pick some for their dinner recipes.”

The City of Sydney and Inner West councils have verge gardening policies already in place.

Hundreds of residents have already taken up the idea.

Council staff will look into the feasibility of allowing verge gardens in the shire and bring a report back to council.

“Staff will explore the appropriate areas and where would be best for people to be able to plant these gardens,” Cr Deeth said.

“It will most likely be quiet streets or cul-de-sacs – some people have even made these gardens down walkways between people’s homes.

“It turns that small patch of grass into something a bit exciting.”

Some inner-Sydney suburbs run ‘urban foraging’ trips where tour buses take people to popular verge garden locations.

Cr Deeth said his idea was focused on community building.

“I think we have to be open to all tourism ideas but we have so many great farmgate locations in the shire that would be better suited to something like that,” he said.