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Streaming Live

This will download a file called playlist(XX).asx to your PC and when you click on the file, Windows Media Player opens with 100.3 playing. You may be asked by Windows if you want to save the file which you can do, to your desktop to keep and just click on that file anytime.

This icon will open a browser page (Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) at which streams radio stations live. 100.3 will start playing for you.

Q: Can I open your stream directly in my media player?

A: Yes, Just click onto the picture below this message and it will send you the stream.

Q: I have a MAC, can I still listen?

A: Yes, Windows Media Player is available for MAC OS, visit the link  to download it. Windows for Mac

Q: When I try to listen live I get the following message "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the Player encountered a network error.

A: This is a connection failure, it may mean you have lost your internet connection or it may mean that our streaming server is temporarily offline. We try to avoid being offline as much as possible, but in some cases it is unavoidable.  It could also more likely be that you have a Pop Up blocker which could be stopping the main feed. If that is the case then Re-open the page and Unblock so the music box can open on your computer. Or if you don't want to do this Click the link at the bottom of the page.

Q: What is buffering and how can I get it to stop?

A: Buffering is a process where the media player downloads a few seconds of the live stream ahead of actually playing it. This is intended to improve quality and performance, but at times it can be more of an annoyance if your player continually buffers. In your media player file menu Tools, find and click Options. Find the Performance tab and open it. The default values are often the best, but if you find yourself having performance trouble, including buffering, experiment with the performance settings to get an optimal transmission. 

Q: I've tried everything, but still get skips and buffering when I listen live.

A: Our streaming audio has become very popular, sometimes there are just so many people listening that our server is reaching it's maximum capabilities. Performance also depends upon your internet connection speed and at times, geographic location. We are continually working to improve the performance and technology of our internet radio, the more you listen, the better we will make it!

If our weblink will not work for you, try this link : tune in radio