The Start of Macarthur Community Radio (MCR)

MCR started operations on  22nd August 1989, which was the date of MCR’s first public meeting. Back then, Community Radio was much different than it is today. New stations were allowed to broadcast for a total of 28 days per year. Most new stations, including MCR didn’t have their own equipment and had to borrow transmitters and a lot more gear just to broadcast their 28 days. The radio station then was known as MCR 89.9fm

Test Broadcast Years

Test Broadcasts were 28 days and was split up into 4 seven day broadcasts over a year. These took place in such temporary studios as – Leumeah High School, St. Gregory’s College, Campbelltown Stadium Grandstand, Thomas Reddall School and Camden in an old house in Oxley street, (Where the Council car park is now opposite Woolworths) to name just a few of the places. A new call sign was created around this time with 100.5 FM becoming our Number on the FM band

Eventually, with the help of Campbelltown Council we found ourselves with a house in Ingleburn in Murray street, which was swiftly converted into MCR’s headquarters. Radio House was officially opened on 7th November 1993

Moving to Radio House

We held an open day at Radio House on that day which several community groups attended including the local Fire Brigade and the Campbelltown Spoon Club. Since then MCR’s broadcasting time was increased to 90 days per year which incorporated several different broadcasting formats – Fortnightly Broadcasts, Monthly Broadcasts. and broadcasting for the 1st week in each month. This is also the Period where the phrase The Heart of Macarthur was first used, and was the only radio station in the area. The venue had two studios, office, Lounge room, kitchen, a large store room and a large STL room

Moving back to Campbelltown

For 5 years MCR broadcast from Radio House until 1998, when MCR had to vacate the premises in order for the council to pull down the house to make way for a new shopping plaza carpark.

After putting out the call for an urgent new location in the local papers, an appropriate place was found in a shopping fitout in the City Arcade, Campbelltown. This space was generously donated by the at-the-time owner(s) of the City Arcade. MCR moved into the new premises promptly within the same year they moved out of Ingleburn, and the City Arcade location became the “New Radio House”.

City Arcade Years

After years of travelling around the district MCR We had finally found a home, and with that home came a new temporary license that has enabled us to broadcast on a full-time basis. MCR is broadcasting 24 hrs per day. In 1999, MCR changed frequencies from 100.5FM to 100.3FM due to conflicting radio issues with other stations. In April 2001, MCR became 2MCR and with it came a new logo.

The Venue had two studios, a very small green room and a small equipment room

2MCR Moved to Another location

In 2002 the radio station Relocated to the Newly Built Campbelltown RSL Club. 2MCR was one of the first radio stations to align themselves with a Club, just inside the main entrance of the RSL Club. The venue has two studio’s, office, small waiting room, large bathroom, and very small STL room. With the New studio also came a new logo. It was also the first time we saw the Laughing Mic that became a Mascot of the station and was used on banners.

Guinness World Record for Longest Radio DJ Marathon

June 2002 – 4 days 7 hours 14 minutes and 36 seconds later, 2MCR’s Matt Fulton set a new milestone in the world of radio, beating the Guinness World Record for Longest Radio DJ Marathon by just over an hour. The attempt attracted national attention and a large crowd witnessed the final moments countdown outside and inside the studios. 

Changing times. A Changing Logo

2MCR have had a few Logo changes with the “Heart of Macarthur” making a comeback in a new modern version. There were a few different colours but all with the same Message. In 2012 the Laughing Microphone made it back onto the Logo, Looking a little less Happy then before. A new slogan also came along with Heart of Macarthur replaced with Your voice, your Station.

Today we are known as the Sounds of Macarthur with a new logo