The Board or Management Committee of a community radio station is the highest authority in the organisation. It has to provide leadership and overall strategy for the organisation as well as assuring everyone that the station’s finances are sound, its operations are legal, and
its procedures work. The Committee also ensures the community of interest is being served effectively.At the end of the day, this elected group represents the membership of the organisation and the community being served

John Kemp

Denis Millward

Lina Miller

Ehsan Vossough

Head of Tech & Programming Tim Miler

ETHNIC LIASION Isileli TuitavukI

Grants Ehsan Vossough

 If you wish to support the work of the Management Committee or have any queries, please make contact by email. ‚Äč We are always looking for new energy and ideas. Above all we need honest, reliable and confident people prepared to take on responsibilities to help run The Sounds of Macarthur, taking us onto the next level of exciting broadcasting.