Who Are We? Some quick facts

  • The first Radio Station aimed at broadcasting to the Macarthur Region
  • Owned & Operated by the Macarthur Community for the entire community
  • Membership is open to all. Individuals and groups in the Macarthur Region are entitled to full voting rights
  • We are staffed and operated entirely by volunteers
  • We first went to air on 22 August 1989
  • Our full-time Licence was issued in April 2001
  • We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our Aims

  • Support the development of and the ongoing provision of Community Broadcasting Services within Campbelltown, Camden & Wollondilly.
  • Support the principle of local autonomy in the provision and control of Community Broadcasting Services.
  • Promote the principles of independence in programming, diversity of programming, access to broadcasting facilities, diversity of opinion and views, which enable the fullest expression of the aspirations and culture of the Australian people and the Macarthur Region in particular.
  • Provide a range of services to members and the community we serve, including information, technical, programming and training services

Why Are We Here?

  • To provide a local and vocal voice for the Macarthur Region.
  • To promote the Macarthur Region through the broadcasting of information, news, community services and activities, entertainment and all aspects of community life.
  • To allow for the diversity of the region to be communicated through open access to the community of their own broadcasting facilities.
  • To bring the community together through the promotion of services and facilities within the community that represent the aspirations and endeavours of the region and its people.
  • To provide a mix of entertainment, information, news and training opportunities that reflects our community’s needs and interests.

What is community radio ?

Community radio is Australia’s largest radio sector with 285 stations nationally. There are more community radio stations than commercial stations, and more than ABC and SBS radio combined. More than 20,000 people are involved in community radio nationwide, and over 9.5 million Australians listen. (Source: McNair Ingenuity Community Radio Station Census 2013 and National Listener Survey

Community radio is a very diverse sector, so it can be hard to define. Community radio is not-for-profit, non-commercial and is supported by its listeners & communities. It’s community voices, so no two stations sound alike. It’s also a place for innovation in broadcasting, and increasingly in cross-platform media via the Internet, and for its independent views on public issues, free of commercial and political controls. Community radio thrives on the energy of our volunteer station workers and reflects the concerns of the communities we serve. An amazing 72% of Australians aged 15+ are aware of community radio. They listen in the car, at home, or out walking.

People like community radio for local news,and offering the ability to connect (or create) communities which represent our social and cultural diversity. No other medium does it better. Have a listen to 100.3FM yourself, online at 2MCR.org.au or via your smartphone app ‘Sounds of Macarthur’

Download the free app from Google or Android for your smartphone or stream online from your computer. It’s easy

Community broadcasters in Australia pioneered FM technology when no-one else wanted to touch it. They pioneered formats to support local musicians, alternative news, current affairs and information, ethnic programs, and positive news about indigenous culture. We offer a microphone to people who believe in independent media, social justice and serving their own communities. They are at their best when being creative, innovative, and providing real alternatives to mainstream media.