Woobine McDonalds, 29 July 2019, was the best place to be in Macarthur on a Monday night. Plenty of fun, family groups,laughter, and great music entertained the crowd who came to buy their favourite hamburger, and rock to the music of Tony Martin, Steve Mulry and Dennis Val.

100.3FM Drive Presenter Ruth Robertson kept the entertainment rolling from 5pm til 7pm in a live broadcast. The fundraiser was a great opportunity to raise much needed funds to keep The Sounds of Macarthur operating into the future. As a volunteer-driven organisation, we rely on generous support from our listeners, members, and supporters.

We are so grateful for the many people who came and enjoyed the evening – plus those listeners who enjoyed the live broadcast.

A total of $200 was raised for the two hour window of opportunity.

Thanks to McDonalds Woodbine Manager Sandra who gave valuable assistance in this unique opportunity.

Many of the 100.3FM Presenters came to meet and share with customers who enjoyed the musical items.